Faith in God Requires Courage


From the Dungeons of North Vietnam
by Lt. Colonel A.T. Ballard

Hardcover | 173 pages


This memoir vividly chronicles the capture of Lt. Colonel A. T. Ballard, Jr. USAF (Ret.) capture, torture, and the living conditions that he and his fellow POWs endured for six and a half years until their release in March of 1973.

This is a shocking and compelling war memoir of significant historical value. A great gift to give to anyone who is interested in military historical information and for families who are grappling with the loss of the person they once knew. In addition to veterans, veteran's hospital, or anyone serving in the military. 

4-Session Bible Study Guide + DVD:
Courage to Overcome and Prisoner of War
DVD interview with Col Ted Ballard

Paperback | 46 pages | Group or Individual Study


In this four-session video Bible study, Don Wilton leads you straight to God’s Word to find the courage, hope and peace that only God can give in times of suffering and devastation. Featuring an inspiring video interview with Don Wilton and Lt. Col. Ted Ballard, Jr. USAF (Retired).

This Bible study guide can also be used as a companion to Colonel Ballard’s book, From the Dungeons of North Vietnam.

This is a great gift for anyone struggling to break free from the bondage of their past, and for veterans or any military personnel.

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