America Under Attack


Can you hear what is happening in America?
Are you awake? Hear the cries of this generation.

The very fundamental basis upon which we stand as one nation under God is being challenged. Can you hear the approaching hoof beats? Satan is destroying our children and future generations by any means necessary. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

I believe we are just one generation away from drifting from the foundational truths we hold so dear. The Bible forewarns us of these times (1 Timothy 4:1). What kind of faith will we have in this generation and the generations to come?

There is an urgency in America. We cannot close our eyes and ears to what is going on in our world. Nobody wants to say anything. Everybody is afraid to stand up. It’s time for us no longer to be silent.

This month as you give a gift to The Encouraging Word, I will send you America Under Attack which includes my message When God Gives Us Up on CD and the bonus messages Erasing Jesus on DVD.

Hopefully, this message set will challenge your faith and ignite a fire within you on the importance of standing up and reaching people for Jesus Christ because you now know the urgency.

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