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Touched By The Truth

Created and written by Don Wilton and fifty-one other devoted men of God, these daily devotions help light your path and reveal how God wants you to live according to His holy Word. Each daily entry includes Scripture passages, a devotion, and a prayer that reveal how the gift of Jesus can transform your life. May you open your heart to God's leading through the coming year and be filled with the Savior's love.
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A Hope and A Future

Don Wilton's book A Hope and a Future will inspire your life and give you the tools necessary to overcome discouragement. God has a plan for your life. Do not let the circumstances of a fallen world throw you into a downward spiral. Look up! He is there with open arms. Dr. Wilton gives guidance on establishing biblical principles in your daily life and taking the proper steps to overcome discouragement. You will want to keep this book close at hand for the inevitable times of discouragement that will come your way. Be encouraged and never give up!
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FORGIVEN The need for forgiveness is one of the deepest needs of the human heart. Forgiveness is a result of God's miraculous grace. Forgiven by Don Wilton leads you straight to the Cross of Jesus where you can be absolutely certain that you are forgiven of your sins. Are you ready for the power of the Cross to change your life for eternity?
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UNDEFEATED Life is full of battles and struggles of all kinds. Undefeated by Dr. Don Wilton leads you straight to the Cross where you will find all you need for success in overcoming life's battles. Worldly success sometimes leaves one feeling empty and defeated, but with God's strategy for success, you can live an undefeated life! Are you ready for a new kind of success?
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See You At The Finish Line

SEE YOU AT THE FINISH LINE Every Christian knows that life can be tough at the best of times. Just as the running of a race takes extreme effort, so it is that the Christian life is often a struggle -- but well worth the effort. The reality of life's journey can present major challenges. Like a runner, we need proper training and encouragement to make it to the finish line. Don Wilton uses the book of Hebrews, while drawing on his personal journey, as a training manual for the race God has called us to run. As we maneuver the course and cross the finish line, we show others that living the Christian life really does make a difference.
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When God Prayed

WHEN GOD PRAYED When God Prayed looks in great depth at the words of Jesus in John 17 when the Savior of mankind prayed for Himself, His disciples, and for all believers when His death on the cross was near. This book will stir your soul and move your heart to a fresh realization of how Jesus became obedient to the Father even unto death. This loving prayer of unity reveals so much about God's heart for His people, the sacrifice and tension of the crucifixion, and the ways in which God continues to work in us today.
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Encouragement In His Presence


Encouragement in his Presence is a 52 week devotional that will bring you into the presence of God and there you will find the encouragement needed for your life. Each devotional is simple and easy to read including one thought, a passage of Scripture and one prayer, and practical suggestions for spiritual growth throughout the week. God's Word is alive and relevant, and will meet the deepest needs of your heart. Spending time in His presence will deepen your relationship with God and guide you to godly living daily.

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Totally Secure

TOTALLY SECURE Certainly it would be misleading to suggest that Christians never doubt or wonder about their salvation. The truth is, most of us have had those questioning moments. Using personal stories from his life, along with a biblical study of First John, Don Wilton sorts through the confusion that most people have regarding their eternal security. Totally Secure will answer any doubts you have about your eternal destination while encouraging you to move forward in your faith with freedom and assurance. As a child of God you can indeed find peace and protection in His arms.
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Defying the Odds


When you face the floods of life and they threaten to overwhelm you, God is still sovereign and His plan for your life remains intact. Defying the Odds is illustrated by the stories of many people who looked ultimate failure and loss in the face and then discovered He had not abandoned them. Your heart and life will be deeply encouraged whatever you may be facing -- devastating health issues, financial loss of overwhelming proportion or even rebellious children.

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Praying for a Miracle


What miracle to do you need in your life today? A new job in this difficult economy? A miracle of healing in your body or marriage? Perhaps you need restoration in a family relationship. Get ready to open your heart and life to the extraordinary power of God! This brand-new book from Dr. Wilton is filled with practical wisdom from the Word of God that will change your life and bless others in the process.

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The Absolute Certainty of Life After Death

Most people are intrigued by the subject of life after death. Don Wilton's novel is a modern retelling of the biblical story of the rich man and Lazarus. This compelling story chronicles the choices and fate of two very different, but ordinary men. Set in Texas and New Orleans, this story traces the contrasting lives of a multi-millionaire and a homeless beggar from birth to death, to heaven and to hell. This fictional story depicts the reality of life through their eyes because they are every man that has ever lived.
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The Ultimate Walk

The Ultimate Walk is a brand-new in-depth study on the book of Revelation from Dr. Wilton. The Scriptures will come alive as you read and study God’s amazing end-time plan for us. You will find a fresh hope for the future rising up in your own heart as you gain a deeper insight on how to live for Jesus’ return and the ultimate walk – heaven!
This book is a companion to the the DVD teaching set so you will want to also order that HERE. The DVD set includes a virtual tour along with 10 messages Dr. Wilton recorded in the Holy Land.
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Courage to Overcome

This Bible study guide from Dr. Wilton leads you straight to God’s Word to find the courage, hope, and peace that only God can give in times of suffering. The study guide can be used in a small group gathering and for personal study. You will also be greatly inspired as you watch his time of fellowship with Col. Ted Ballard on DVD.
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