Choosing Forgiveness Over Bitterness


The need for forgiveness is one of the deepest needs of the human heart. Forgiveness is a result of God’s miraculous grace.

- Do you have hatred in your heart toward anyone?

- Are you out of fellowship with your children, family members or a friend?

- Do you take pleasure in hurting others with your words or actions under the disguise of something else?

Whatever it is that has happened to you or in your relationships, you can rise up and have victory over it. Whatever is keeping you from living and loving others today is the day of salvation! You can be free and made whole! It is the power of the cross that enables us to move from being a victim of the circumstance to becoming victorious over the circumstance—no matter the difficulty

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A right relationship with God sets the stage for a right relationship with every other person in your life. You can learn to forgive others who have hurt you deeply. Choose to pass down a heritage of forgiveness and not bitterness.

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