God's Wisdom for Today

Introducing God's Wisdom for Today

Struggling to make important decisions in your life? Do even the day-to-day choices leave you stressed and fearful? Are you in need of the wisdom only God can give?

This Christmas, open your heart to the promises of God found in the wisdom books of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. God's Wisdom for Today is a brand-new daily devotional and prayer guide, compiled by some of the great, godly pastors and Christian leaders of today.

Contributors include:
  • Dr. Johnny Hunt
  • Dr. Ronnie Floyd
  • Dr. James Merritt
  • Junior Hill
  • Dr. Jerry Walls 
  •  Phil Waldrup
  • Dr. Charles Lowery
  • Dr. Don Wilton
  • And many more!
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Has the Time Come?

One of Dr. Wilton's most inspired, dynamic messages on CD or DVD will help you understand how we should live as believers in light of all the signs pointing toward the end of days.

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