If ever there was a time we need to be sure of our faith in Jesus Christ, it is now! The Truths we hold so dear are only sacred to those who believe in them.

Yes, America is a great nation, but we are in trouble … morally, ethically and spiritually. As the fabric of our Biblical landscape continues to decline, remember: God is in control and He never changes! We need to pray for our nation.

Jesus is our Great High Priest. You can go straight to Him with confidence knowing that you will be brought into the very throne room of God. Do you have the blessed assurance of knowing that you KNOW Him? We want you to truly know Jesus Christ - not just about Him.

This month for your gift of any amount to The Encouraging Word, we will send you Series 3: Pray. This message will help empower you to go boldly to the throne of grace and have confidence in Him that your prayers will be heard and answered.

Thank you for requesting Series 3: Pray which contains the message, Our Great High Priest, from Dr. Don Wilton. This is the final part of a three-month message series titled,The Power of One.

If you didn't receive Series 1 and 2, there is still time.

Series 1: The Power of One … Forgive, along with Dr. Wilton's new book, Forgiven is available HERE.

Series 2: The Power of One … ACT: A Christian's Response to Politics, is available HERE.

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We are also pleased to tell you that a special $100,000 Challenge Fund has been established to give your additional gift twice the ministry impact through the end of the year! Your wonderful generosity will help make an even greater impact as we share the truth and hope of Jesus to our searching world!

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