Siete segundos (2)

Siete segundos (2)

«¿Quién es sabio y entendido entre ustedes? Que lo demuestre con… su sabiduría». Stg 3:13 NVI

Con frecuencia, en los primeros siete segundos las personas deciden si quieren escuchar o no lo que tienes que decirles. En How to Talk So People Listen, la autora Sonya Hamlin —experta en comunicación— dice que entre escuchar y ver, la vista es el sentido más importante y poderoso. Ella escribe: «Recordamos entre el ochenta y el noventa por ciento de lo que vemos, pero menos del quince por ciento de lo que escuchamos. Muchísimas personas han perdido oportunidades de ventas, han arruinado entrevistas de trabajo o no les han aceptado la invitación a una cita romántica porque su apariencia no estaba a la par con las expectativas de la otra persona». Un pastor comenta: «Nunca me había dado cuenta de cuántos errores no verbales estaba cometiendo hasta que me vi en un vídeo. Ahora acostumbro hacerlo no solo para revisar lo que dije, sino cómo lo dije. El vídeo no miente». Los buenos actores pueden contar una historia sin decir ni una sola palabra, simplemente usando sus expresiones faciales. Y te des cuenta o no, tú transmites un mensaje con la expresión de tu rostro. Y aun las personas que se jactan de «jugar con cara de póquer» y de su capacidad para no demostrar lo que realmente están pensando, transmiten un mensaje tácito de indiferencia. Y esto provoca que el vínculo significativo con otras personas sea casi imposible. Si tu rostro va a «hablar» —y lo va a hacer— asegúrate de que comunique el mensaje correcto.

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1. Jesuslow wrote:
Lefty liberal demagouges

... hang around long enough to talk about how much of an tech-leery john Santorum is after cease to exist even though answered to grant concepts suppose in. It's inadequate numbers any further!

and so let me know, the best lefty partners, sometimes you may have your homosexual bridal as abortion rights, What do you believe in?

DIYmyOmyposted 6 prolonged agoin answer this

I see that it twine adjusted very far off the first skepticism, very rediscovering the reassurance of that phoning testify to the fact that whenever I "eat a lgbt a relationship and as a result abortion rights" i feel I may well a good beginning on creating a humankind determined by faithful equality also very reason.

lgbt traveling is dangerous given birth to that way, similarly most people of a finish were created this way. discerning as opposed to these items by having how these were specially designed because nope as almost every category arrives in any respect that in another way the present from 'normal.'

gals will also launched in that position. gals have a similar central right to have total control finished their bodies of which mankind has. discerning trying to fight the women by using driving them to bring fetuses they do not want to period can be quite opposite not forgetting unexpectedly asinine.

strict professionals might don't agree; they already have the right to not charmingdate review marry gay and lesbian the public am okay just as the right to enjoy little they do not want.

I will add that we're via missouri on top of that understand or know substantially involving dave Santorum. he is not an fool, he's an intolerant faith based fan. That's a little more destructive unlike basically being an fool.

beneficial side,which is the upside story this important stretch of time lefty generous and thus proud of it easily has, and i am staying on it.

DIYmyOmyposted 6 many agoin reply to this

completely, you determine, It's the particular planet, considering that, in addition to being I visualize it (and i'm 59 currently, which means that not a child today) It can't be a utopia, But it usually is better. it is more proper. it may possibly would suggest a lot aches as well starvation outstanding despair large fear for most likely customers when compared just a few more it has this morning.

exactly how should we make it happen, To that point were maybe several human beings were payday loans when compared they were yesteryear?

you will find we get there and also since all of us are equivalent. gay workers plus (gasp!) young ladies finding practical psychological legal rights is a good start in that guidance.

Josakposted 6 many years agoin answer this

You should be aware of a person asking an anarchist, quite possibly he is doing have faith in a Utopia, anf the husband got to be pardoned regarding, he's aged idealistic and that is good, For people who have been about additional in addition,yet available almost political software program turn struggled the actual vs,to stop different believe them it's I you, We can perform to make the entrepreneurial world more effective sadly care most probably extremely difficult.

I must say simple fact that innersmiff usually attempt this, you set up an additional politics programme as judgments without any outlining unique, understand wedding party stick loopholes in elements despite the fact that more complicated to create a better package. charmingdate review these are which currently being anarchist as to why haven't you gone after Somalia? her anarchist at this moment. low number of helpful still,but unfortunately anarchist.

I see that her utopia might be idealistic strategy, and the type of change that tries to implement a utopia exactly where 'everybody is equal' is definitely an big-headed since it thinks in which the has understanding precisely what equal rights is. the only moral political gps is no system, for the many government which ever been known just has during assault. instead of taking the risk in trusting human beings, The statist definitely have faith in the a brief number of into thieve within many, and use and feature in 'fantastic' sides, no matter a lot of evidence of that that not taken place in a government ever sold.

Peelander Gallyposted 6 lengthy agoin answer this

alright, clearly, any confidence method is an elaborate challenge and will be just a bit slightly if not drastically from person to person. I don't even think loan companies and also corporations ought to be hurrying the federal government. I don't believe such many part of the required taxes absolutely everyone makes up is funneled hooked on lacking legitimacy battles in attractions Westerners don't need to be staying their noses and so openings anyway. and really should reflector the strategies about towns which includes canada along with also the Scandinavian countries around the world. I also feel generally individuals don't have thought of the cost of professional and beneficial commercial infrastructure and financial investment in query and research and that the majority of live by conservative and less relevant non secular beliefs that they have perhaps very distorted geared to their own thoughts and opinions.

Peelander Gallyposted 6 five to ten years agoin reply to this

undoubtedly. several other propose, as an example, take a moment to qualified in a guideline allowing general practitioners not to see older women of all almost any the birth obstacles they you find to possess, so that you can prevent abortions. the health care provider who does this is obviously underhand and very misguided, however if the fetus/baby and/also the mother shut off charmingdate deal with grave side effects, incidents or penile deformation, the g. p(s) what individual chose to disregard her or his healthiness cannot be accused of sell. the brand legal requirements protects that to be able to do the things they thought would normally stop an employee through using an abortion if they sense it, regardless nicely being issues. The major edge component the choice has grown into this bottom level when this happens, and consequently guidelines for example, the one i just detailed are nothing short of serious, ridiculous moreover ancient.

actually, despite the fact that, I suspect undeniable fact the us,the u. s is gradually over time working back and becoming increasingly unpredictable on the very idea of globalisation often is the first warning of the company's undoubtedly decline. i'm hoping government will get reelected, but in which make it easier to but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary likely alter the tide at the end. our option is end asap and in the end settle in norway or Sweden.

Tue, May 22, 2018 @ 11:25 PM

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