The Defeated Enemy


There is one thing that is very true in our society today. Satan is alive and is on the move in the United States. Likewise, God is actively engaged! As Christians, we must never forget satan has been defeated once and for all because of the Lord Jesus Christ!  

God is saying, “You need to keep going. Keep your mind on me. Don’t listen to satan. Do what I’m telling you to do.” We have the Victory because of who we are in and through the Lord Jesus Christ!  

This month for your gift of $20 or more to support The Encouraging Word, it would be our privilege to send you a very special resource: Satan: The Defeated Enemy Among Us along with the bonus book from Dr. Don Wilton Defying the Odds. Together, we will study the Bible to see what God has to say about this present enemy among us and how to handle him when he shows up. I want to encourage you to share copies of this ministry resource with your loved ones and friends. This message will empower you and transform your life. 

Thank you for your prayers and continued support as we continue to stay the course ... uncompromised! 

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